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Dack Janiels

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Each bar is made with one full shot of whiskey! The smooth, sweet blend gives this soap a very nice lather and a dark, aged color. Concentrated down to notes of vanilla, caramel, and maple, the perfect balance of fine whiskey and soap can be enjoyed in the shower. 

This soap is handmade with real Jack Daniels Whiskey

Ingredients: Jack Daniels Whiskey, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Castor Oil, Sodium Lactate, Fragrance Oils, Oatmeal & Bentonite Clay. 


Why Brew?

The more appropriate question is "Why not brew?" With the craft beer fever rising, it is a great way to enhance the craft to a whole new level. The naturally occurring sugars found in alcohol attribute our soaps with a heavy lather, so we don't use harsh ingredients like most commercial soaps do to create an artificial lather. Also, the pH of beer is generally softer on skin than water. We remove water from the soapmaking process and insert beer in its stead. 

Our Beer Soap vs. Commercial Soap

Many commercial soaps are technically detergents, because they're not made with lye like natural soap is. Commercial soaps and "body washes" use harsh chemicals and preservatives instead of lye and even coat your skin and hair with silicone to give the false feeling of softness and appearance of shine. Even after you make the switch to natural soap and shampoo, a few shower sessions are needed to get rid of that thin silicone film.

The heavy milk stout beer used in our soaps helps to achieve the highest quality soap possible with the lather everyone enjoys. Many consumers enjoy soap made with milk, such as goats milk, which provides for a very mild soap. By using a milk stout beer, we get the very best of both worlds and the added bonus of heavy suds. Beyond that, our soaps are just plain fun with their creative designs and scents. There is something for people of all walks of life. 

Natural Ingredients & Eco-Friendly

All of our soaps are vegan and made with natural, sustainable ingredients. We use certified organic oils when available, and we never use preservatives. We support recycling and reclaiming materials by using the inserts of wine cases to create our famous banding around each bar of soap. The lip balms, beard balms, and lotions are poured with local beeswax from Walker Honey Farm and always with essential oils. All of our accessories are handmade, and our washcloths are even crafted from 100% organic cotton.

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