About Us!

About Us!

Posted by Xander & Jake On May 11th 2017 In soap beer wine fun website new improved brewtastic

While always striving to improve our reach, we have created a new and improved website for a better viewing and shopping experience for you.  So sit a spell, take your shoes off, and enjoy!  Come back often and look for fun and informative articles about handmade beer soap and all that we have to offer. 

About the Soapmaker

The concept of making soap has always fascinated me since I was a kid. I remember hearing that it was made from "fat and ashes," and that blew my mind. The concept of taking two things that are generally regarded as dirty and ugly…and using them to create something beautiful and clean is amazing and even motivational on many levels.


Xander Ortiz - Owner & Soapmaker of Brewtastic Soaps

I've always been both scientifically and artistically minded, so taking on soap as a hobby seemed like a great, creative outlet for me. I had used commercial body wash my entire life, but I always had a rash on my arm that would appear every Summer and go away by late Fall. In 2015 and after trial and error, I finally created a soap that worked for me and even my family and friends. During my intense research, I learned that sugars increased lather in soap, so I decided to take the artform to a higher level by replacing the water with craft beer in the soapmaking process. Now I would like to share my craft with you.

Xander Ortiz is also a local musician to Georgetown, TX and the founder & President of the Georgetown Beard Club. If he's not rockin' a piano somewhere, he can usually be found enjoying the company of friends with a cold beer on The Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas - Georgetown.

Mid 2017 a new partnership was estasblished, Brewtastic Soaps offered former Beer For Beards an offer they couldnt refuse, BEER! Former Beer For Beards, Brian & Jake started off by reselling the Orginal Brewtastic Soaps product. 

With Xanders Brewtastic Soaps & Brian and Jake's Beer For Beards companies both dtriving for the same goals, it only seemed right to drink work together. We just started our partnership, so please bare with us while we try and get everything setup.

If you have any questions feel free to send us an email by reaching out to us here.

We could not be where we are today without you! We thank you, and want to make your life easier. So, please sign up on the website & for scheduling orders. After you sign up your profile should allow you to quickly reorder previous purchases. In the bottom left hand corner, please select the blue button to save 10% when signing up!