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Amethyst Beard Balm

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Our #1 selling scent and previously called "Wilder", this blend of peppermint and lavender has captivated the beard-wearing men and their ladies unconditionally. Few scents have expressed the sensation of "clean and strong" as Amethyst has. 

Style & Maintain your beard! Bring some dapper edge into your life with Beard Balm. Beeswax-based, the general concept is similar to hair styling products, but this is made with butters and oils that condition your hairs and are safe for the face. Tired of trimming your beard shorter than you wanted because you got carried away cutting fly-away hairs back? Beard Balm can control hairs and keep them in place, essentially eliminating your need for trimming! It can even be used in beginner moustache training - start training your moustache to grow to the side instead of down and into your mouth! Achieve handlebar status! First apply Beard Oil and comb through before using Beard Balm. Simply use the back of your thumbnail to scrape out a half-dime size amount for small beards and a full dime-size amount for larger beards. Rub the dollop between the thumb, pointer, and middle fingers until the heat softens the beeswax. Apply artistically to loose hairs and moustache. Stroke the areas into the control and shape you desire. It is possible to use TOO MUCH balm, so practice at getting your beard how you like it for quicker application. This is perfectly fine for using as a styling agent for heard hair as well, but it's designed to be the love of your beard's life. Re-apply as needed.  

Ingredients: Beeswax, Organic Oils (Shea Butter, Argan, Jojoba & Grapeseed) & Essential Oils.

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